Electronic Music and Music Technology.

About Oddtechaudio

I have been interested in and passionate about electronic music since my early childhood when my parents bought me my first vinyl record player and a copy of "The Model" by Kraftwerk.

Since then I been influenced by other genres such as Electro, Hip Hop, House music, Happy hardcore (early nineties), Jungle Techno, Techno and Drum and Bass. All of these genres brought something new and exciting sonically and made me think about how the artists were creating such interesting sounds. I then decided to purchase a pair of Technics SL1210 decks so that I could learn how to DJ and this is where my journey down the rabbit hole into DJing and music technology began.

I have an Electrical and Electronic Engineering Degree and an Audio Engineering Diploma from the Sound and Audio Engineering (S.A.E.) Institute London.

What is this website for?

The purpose of this website is to share information that I have learned during the many years that I have been interested in DJing and Music technology.

Here you will find information about what has inspired me to pursue this amazing hobby, what equipment I use, links to music or DJ mixes that I create and tutorials for the hardware and software that I use to create music and DJ mixes.

I also intend to use this website to promote and sell Music and Software synthesiser presets that I have created.

Social Media

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